Dear ________,
I greet you in the Name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

What a blessing it is to have our Youth and Children actively involved in the church with some receiving ministry, while others are actively involved in ministry.

It has often been said that our Youth are the “church of tomorrow”.  Well, I not only believe they are the church of tomorrow, but they are also the church of TODAY!  Where would we be as a church if we did not provide for the development of our children and youth through ministry programs such as we have?  I submit to you that we indeed would be a dying church!

Well, it is evident as you enter the doors of First Christian Church that this is not the case.  We are a church that is alive and one of the reasons for this is our focus on children and youth.

While these ministries are vital to the ongoing health of the church, we also cannot deny the fact that definite financial needs exist to provide good foundational support for their ministries.  Children and Youth can give some and in fact do, however, for these ministries to be functional in an effective manner, we believe it is important to provide for them financially as well.

We are going to ask that you prayerfully consider an offering to supplement the ministry outreaches of our Children and Youth Programs here at First Christian Church.  This offering will be received on Sunday morning, Jan. 15 and will be a blessing to the groups throughout the year as they plan their calendar of events.  Some of the things the money will be used for are: Relevant Curriculum, Supplies, Assistance to those in need when outings and trips are made, etc.

Again, thank you for your consideration of this need, and most of all, please pray for our Children and Youth.

In Christ,

Rev. John Doe

Young people will respond if the challenge is tough enough and hard enough. Youth wants a master and a controller. Young people were built for God, and without God as the center of their lives they become frustrated and confused, desperately grasping for and searching for security.    – Billy Graham

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