Your letters have been a great help to our ministry. You’re right, 


Andrae' and Sandra Crouch

Andrae’ and Sandra Crouch

thinking and thinking of what to say can wear you down … so your letters have been a great help.  The letters continue to be a blessing to both Andrae and myself.”

Thank you for being faithful to helping so many in the ministry.

Andrae’ and Sandra Crouch




I want to thank you and the many members of for allowing God to use you and the gifts He has given you to help thousands of people like myself to get letters out to other people that may be in need of a written word of prayer, exhortation and encouragement to bring peace and comfort. Every time I am at a loss for words, I can always find a letter in the ChurchLetter’s vast library to jump start my letter. Please continue to have an open heart and ear for the direction God is taking you and into.

 – Be Blessed, Yvonne

I want to thank you so much for your site it has been a blessing to me and our church. I was able to write a letter to several churches inviting them to our revival. We have a small church approximately 60 people, and we ended up with over 200 people at the revival due to your site, I was able to write the best letters I have ever written, we couldn’t have done it without your site and God. May God bless you.

– Brenda

I just wanted to let you know how helpful I’ve found this collection. I’ve just recently become my Pastor’s private secretary and I found your website after a search on the internet. My Pastor is very pleased with my assistance so far and it’s because of!

God Bless You,
Tiye H. – New Fellowship Baptist Church
I have purchased the church letters and the five bonus items. At the present I have used and modified the Easter letter and already sent one e-mail letter to members of my congregation. Letters and administration is not my strong point so having this resource relieves a lot of stress so that I can concentrate on the gifts God has given me. It is making ministry much more enjoyable. Thanks again.

– Pastor Brian K.

Wonderful selection that covers just about every contingency a pastor might need. I especially like the ability to use the letters as examples for developing my own correspondence. The Ministry Letters are carefully constructed: poignant, informative, cheerful, supportive, and crafted with Christ in mind. Keep up the good work.

– Pastor Bill

One of the most time consuming and energy draining jobs for me is writing letters. Saying just the right thing is important, but knowing what to say can be a challenge sometimes. Your letters give me the peace of mind of knowing I can find the right thing to say by just making a few changes to one of yours with very little effort. Now I don’t feel the guilt of knowing I need to write a letter for a specific occassion, but put it off so long I miss the opportunity. Thanks so much for this great ministry. I will tell my friends about your wonderful service.

– Dr. Sharon Schuetz

Praise the Lord and greetings from New York City! I just received your Ministry Letters CD, and before I opened the envelope, I wondered who could be sending me mail from Pennsylvania. Then when your name registered, a great big smile came across my face. Please know that also I appreciate your sensitivity toward my financial circumstances.

In the meantime, ever since downloading Ministry Letters, my fingers have hit the ground-or better yet-the keyboard, running. The great quality letters that I am able to generate as a result of your samples are beginning to spoil my pastor. He doesn’t seem to run out of letter requests. It certainly makes a difference knowing that you have supplied me with spirit filled ideas to get me started—and I really love the scripture verses that are included.

First and foremost, I give glory and honor to God for inspiring you to be a blessing to others by way of the influence of your letters. Again, I can’t thank you enough for everything.

May God continue to bless you.
Sister Anna Barrow

I am a Lay leader in my church, and wanted to write a letter of thanks to the members for their support throughout the year. I was searching the website and found your letters Your letters was very helpful to me in conveying my thanks to them. I thank you very much for having your letters available to the public. I pray that your letters will continue to help many more people. may God bless you!

– Emerald Thompson

I have had the 1.0 Version for about 5 months and have used the Visitor letter a number of times. The rest of the letters I am sure I will have a chance at some point later on. I am in charge of the Love Thy Neighbor Committee and do a lot of cards and letters. Thanks you so much for making my job a lot easier. I plan to purchase the latest 1.5 version very soon. Thanks again.

– Bob Perkins
Ludlow Baptist Church

We have received many wonderful comments from parishioners in response to letters received. Often we have so little time to sit and write pastoral letters to our members, yet, it is so important. Thank you for renewing my ministry and for helping bring joy into someone’s sadness.

– Rev. Vernon

Thank you! Being a bi-vocational pastor, your ministry letters have helped me out tremendously over the past months.

May God continue to richly bless you and your ministry!
– Frank

I just wanted to commend you on creating this program. It has been so  beneficial to my church and me. I am the secretary at my church and I have been looking for some help trying to create letters and things of this nature. If you have any other tips that would help me in my ministry I would greatly appreciate the assistance.

Again I would like to thank you……
– Aviance

Thank you, yes I found Ministry letters to be a great resource. I had no problems downloading the letters. Thank you for creating this program. It has helped me a lot.

– Nichole Rosa

“I was able to download your letters and have used three “missing you” letters already.

I’m a Deacon here at 1st Baptist Church so in that capacity I plan on putting your letter examples to good use. I really feel a conviction here lately to become more in touch with our church family so I believe the Spirit led me to you.

Of course all the glory to God, but I did want you to know how much I appreciate your letters.”

– Jim E.
First Baptist Church

Thanks for this great resource and your helpful follow-up letter for downloading the program. We’ve already found this to be useful.

– Eula M.
Tri-City Alliance Church

“Thank you so much for making the Ebook available. We have developed letters for birthdays, anniversaries, first time visitors, etc., however, your book gave us fresh ideas to incorporate into our letters. We have been wanting to expand our letters into other areas and now with your help we will be able to do that immediately. Thank you for this wonderful tool that every office should have in their possession.”

– Dianne D.,
Bethel Assembly of God