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Welcome to Drive-In Easter Service! (During Coronavirus)

Welcome to Drive-In Easter Service!

We are so glad you have joined us on this Easter/Resurrection Sunday 2020 here in our church parking lot! Some of you may be joining us online as well. God is good no matter where we are!

Without a doubt, we will never forget the past few weeks, and most likely, the weeks that are still ahead of us as we come through this Coronavirus Global Pandemic.

It has been so sad to see the impact of this invisible enemy on humanity. At this point, over 180 countries of the world have experienced COVID-19 cases. Many of those countries were far more affected than others as the speed of infection has been swift.

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Palm Sunday Greeting 2020 – Coronavirus

Palm Sunday Greetings!

While this is hardly our usual meeting format for Palm Sunday, isn't it wonderful to know that we are able to at least meet online?

(Or… Isn't it wonderful to know we are able to meet here at our Drive-In Church service?)

If we take a moment to think back to that first Palm Sunday, without question, it was a time of great hardship and trial for God's people. Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey as the people shouted Hosanna. A donkey was hardly the mode of transportation for a conquering King, yet the people were willing to overlook the situation because they believed their Messiah had finally arrived.

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Church Online Welcome 5 – Coronavirus (Hope Theme)

Welcome, Church! Thanks so much for tuning into our ____ Church online service.

We may not be in the building where we typically worship, but we know as Christians that the Church is not the building, but the people.

We are so glad that you’ve chosen to join us today to do what we are called to do every day as Christians, which is to worship the Lord. We invite you to just praise Him as you would if we were together in person, to sing and to praise however you choose.

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Church Online Welcome 2 – Coronavirus (Lent Theme)

Hey, _____Church, welcome to our online service!

We are so thankful that you’ve chosen to join us in worship today, even amidst all the craziness our world is experiencing right now. We may not be able to be together in person, but we will still worship the Lord just the same as we normally would, and we don’t need a building! As Christians, we believe that the people are what makes up the Church.

We are so glad that you have chosen to join us today, from wherever you are, because it is so important that we continue to praise Him, even in these hard times!

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Church Online Welcome 1 – Coronavirus

Welcome to our online service for ____ Church!

We are so happy to have you join with us today!

Although this may not be the format for how we typically worship, it is a gift to have technology that allows us to worship together even if we’re not physically in the same place. Because God says that where 2 or 3 are gathered, He is in the midst of them. So even during an International pandemic, we are going to continue to gather together and worship Him, and sing together, and pray together, and we are so glad you have chosen to join us for worship today.

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