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Cornavirus Service Option – Drive-In Church

Important note: 

This letter is being provided as an example ONLY.   Please be reminded that this letter and most of our letters on this site need some modification to reflect your own ministry outreach.

This letter was posted on March 16th, 2020 – Please make sure the information contained in it is modified to fit your situation, especially as time passes. 

We will plan to post more letters of this nature soon.  If you need a particular letter that would also bless our members, please contact us to make a suggestion.

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Dear Church Family,

As we shared previously, this situation is quite fluid and we are trying our best to work on a plan as we move forward over the next days, weeks or months?

While we could become distressed about what we are going through, we can also view it as an opportunity for God to show up powerfully through His people.

While we technically “could” gather like we did this past Sunday, we want to be good neighbors and do our best to “flatten the curve” of this infection taking place. While we all have opinions on what is happening, let's just take the “lemons” we've been given, and make some amazing “lemonade”!

Many have been asking what the plan is and while we have a plan we've developed, there is always the real possibility it will be modified, but for now, here it is:


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