The value of a well written letter is tremendous. It can provide a church member or adherent with a greater sense of value as they realize they are appreciated and recognized.

How much time do you spend on writing church letters? Or, would you like to use letters/email more but just don’t have the time to give to this important Ministry?

Writing letters cost time and money. Some would say that between original thought, placing the thoughts on computer as a first draft, review, editing for accuracy and clarity can easily take 30 minutes.

A Membership at our Website will save you BOTH time and money since we take care of the most difficult part of writing letters… getting started!

While this is a valuable Ministry, and one that is vitally important within the church, most Pastors and Secretaries in a church often feel like they need to pay attention to other important items, and letter writing tends to move lower and lower on the list of priorities!

  • No matter what stage you’re in at your present place of Ministry, these Church Letters can be used for a wide variety of occasions, and will help you as a Minister make contact with your people on a much more consistent basis. People will be excited to receive a letter from YOU!
  • Do you need to get the word out about an upcoming special service or series of services?  Use our Church Invitation Letter category to get just the right wording, and of course, feel free to modify the letter for your own situation.
  • Has someone been absent from church for a few Sundays? Why not follow up with them with one of our Church Absence letters to let them know that you care.
  • Perhaps you need a welcome speech or greeting for church service, and are at a loss for words.  Well, we have the answer with our Church Welcome Greetings category which is included with your paid membership to our site!
  • Pastors can set up a reminder in a computer program that will help them remember to send out a letter on the anniversary date of the death of a loved one in the church. Often, the most difficult times for someone losing a loved one is the anniversary of the death, or even the wedding anniversary.
  • Do you have a Church Anniversary coming up?  We have found one of the most requested categories of our site is the Church Anniversary Letter category.  
  • Churches can modify a Birthday greeting, and do a search within their church database for birthdays for the week, and send a birthday letter out to those celebrating a birthday that week. Often, church people will do things to bless a Pastor and/or family.  A well written”Thank You” letter coming from the leader is a phrase that needs to be shared.
  • Did a new family visit your church? Use the Visitors Letter section to follow up with them to let them know how much their visit was appreciated
  • And much, much more!!

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