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  • Written by a Pastor with over 35 years of full-time Ministry experience
  • Over 1,200 Church Letter Templates... and growing!
  • Over 100 Church Welcome Templates... and growing!
  • Category of Coronavirus Related Letters. We PRAY we will need to delete them VERY SOON!
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   What a few of our members say...

Everything I need is on THIS site!

My primary reason for becoming a member is that everything I need is on this site; I never have to browse all over the internet for what I need -- it's here on this website.

This site has been so beneficial to me (and my church) in the administrative functions of the church. The various samples of letters help me tremendously throughout my weekly tasks of composing letters -- invitations, thank-you's, donations, etc. This site is the #1 source for me when I need help to get my work done.

I would definitely recommend this site to others because it is very resourceful; information is constantly updated. The site is easy to navigate. I have always found this site to be very helpful and have also referred others to this site so please continue what you're doing!

Jennifer Houser ... Church Secretary/Clerk

A Great Launching Pad!

I use this site to save time and energy.

The letters are well written for almost every situation and are a great launching pad on what you want to say to the congregation and community.

This site saves me time and makes me look good. It also provides that final break through when you get writer's block and I would definitely recommend this site!

Rodrick Lane ... Youth and family minister

More time to minister to people!

Your letters help me to send out more information than I could even think about on my own.

Newsletters, invitations, announcements, and welcome notes are all easier to produce thanks to this site... and all holidays are covered!

It helps me to have more time to minister to the people.

Carol Price ... U.M. minister

It's fast and easy!  

It's fast and easy! It saves me a lot of time as the letters are done with just a bit of minor editing on my part!

Paul Andree ... pastor

The recipients are very pleased!

It seems there's not enough time to find the right words when writing letters so this site helps with that situation.

The recipients are very pleased with the quick turn around time and wording of the letters and writing is less labor intensive and that's a great thing!

By the way, I appreciate the easier login!

Sharon Culley ... Pastor

Lessens Preparation Time!

I use to assist with communications and to lessen the time spent in preparation.

As an Administrator, we are very busy sending communications out to members, church leaders, to the community and more. This site has been very helpful in quickly preparing communication pieces for our ministry.

I most definitely would recommend this site!

LK Smith ... Administrator

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Better than Software

Unlike “static” software which is difficult to constantly update, we are able to continue adding letters as the need arises, or as events merit. For example, with various current events, we have been able to add letters in a moment.

Request a Letter

We are able to add letters to our site by request simply by visiting our contact page, and if it’s something that would benefit our entire membership, we will write it, then place it on our site for other members to access as well!

Explore New Ministry Ideas

Many of the letters deal with topics you may not have thought of before! Get away from the “we’ve never done it that way before” mentality, and try some new ministry approaches!