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    ​All 3 Volumes - 3 Years worth of Messages to use at Offering Time!
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Better than Software

Unlike “static” software which is difficult to constantly update, we are able to continue adding letters as the need arises, or as events merit. For example, with various current events, we have been able to add letters in a moment.

Request a Letter

We are able to add letters to our site by request simply by visiting our contact page, and if it’s something that would benefit our entire membership, we will write it, then place it on our site for other members to access as well!

Explore New Ministry Ideas

Many of the letters deal with topics you may not have thought of before! Get away from the “we’ve never done it that way before” mentality, and try some new ministry approaches!

Good Resource with timely letters...

T. Thomas Bishop

Good resources, timely messages, just good information! Very good help in certain message planning for special services so it's not just all about letters, but it's about great ideas too!

Just the right words!

Bishop H.L James Jr Pastor

Having to come up with the right words to respond, console, thank, or even invite new people to the church was proving to be a bit much, and that's when I googled and found your site, it's much more easier to reply to letters and emails, and to find just the right words to say when sending a letter.

As a recent example, I wanted to find a letter to express my appreciation to a local pastor for allowing us to use his facilities, and to my surprise it was there. With a few changes in the wording it was done!

I use to give this over to my secretary and let her come up with something to express whatever needed to be said, but now it's easier with something to follow as a guideline to help me get started and it takes the "guess work" out of how and what to say in the various letters I send.

I particularly like the way the letters are in separate categories, like thanks, appreciation, condolences, etc.

I hope to be a member for a long time!

The recipients are very pleased!

Sharon Culley Pastor

It seems there's not enough time to find the right words when writing letters so this site helps with that situation.

The recipients are very pleased with the quick turn around time and wording of the letters and writing is less labor intensive and that's a great thing!

By the way, I appreciate the easier login!

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