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- Administrative -

Confidentiality Policy for Church Staff
Church Social Media Usage Policy for Employees
Pastoral Staff Counseling Policy
Pastoral Staff Counseling Policy for Church Members and Attendees
Church Keys and Key Fobs Policy (click to sample)
Church Advertising Policy
Church Sabbatical Policy for Pastors
Vacation Policy for Pastors and Staff
Church Travel Expense Reimbursement Policy

- Facilities & Vehicles -

Fellowship Hall Usage Policy
Church Pavilion Use Policy
Church Gymnasium Use Policy
Church Sanctuary Wedding Usage Policy
Transportation Policy for Church Services and Events
Church Van and Bus Usage Policy
Church Kitchen Usage Policy
Church Owned Athletic Fields Usage Policy
Church Equipment Usage Policy
Church Playground Equipment Usage Policy
Video Surveillance Policy for Church Property
Church Coffee Shop Policy
Church Chairs and Tables Usage Policy

- Volunteers -

Church Social Media Policy for Volunteer Leaders
Church Safety Team Policy
Church Nursery Policy
Volunteer Application Procedures
Volunteer Janitorial Assistance Policy

- Ministry -

Baby Dedication Procedure and Policy
Church Funeral Policy
Funeral Luncheon Policy
Church Wedding Policy
Church Wedding Reception Policy
Church Worship Team Qualifications for Singers and Musicians Policy
Church Policy for Volunteers in Children's Ministry
Church Policy for Water Baptism Procedures
Choir Ministry Policy (Click to Sample)
Church Usher Policy
Church Prayer Team Policy
Church Visitation Team Policy
Church Attendance Policy for Sex Offenders

- Stewardship & Finances -

Stewardship and Finances
Gift Acceptance Policy for [Church Name]
Church Policy for Accountable Reimbursements
Returned Check Policy
Church Funds Handling Policy
Church Benevolence Policy for Members and Attendees
Church Benevolence Policy for Non-Attendees
Church Fundraiser Policy
Church Offering Counting Procedures Policy
Church Food Pantry Policy
Memorial Gift Policy

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- Proper use of this manual -

1.  These templates are samples that will assist you in developing policies for your own church environment. These are NOT intended to be used verbatim, but must be modified with your church name, as well as any clarifications, additions, or subtractions. Please read it carefully, then modify as needed.

2.  If there are any questions as to legal issues contained within any of these policies, please be sure to seek out legal assistance before implementing them.

3.  If you have suggestions for additional policies for our next version, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

4.  Please do not share this document with other churches, but please refer them to our website so they can purchase their own downloadable and editable copy. Thank you.

Church Keys & Fobs Sample Policy  

Choir Ministry Policy Sample



Volunteer Men's Ministry Leader Job Description
Volunteer Job Description Church Women's Ministry Leader
Volunteer Church Youth Leader Job Description
Volunteer Church Benevolence Coordinator
Church Secretary Job Description (Paid)
Church Custodian Job Description (Paid)
Volunteer Church Kids Ministries Leader
Volunteer Head Usher Job Description
Volunteer Church Usher Job Description
Volunteer Church Treasurer Job Description
Volunteer Church Greeter Team Leader Job Description
Volunteer Church Greeter Team Member