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Offering Time Giving Scripts

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Finally... A way to increase Tithes and Offerings in your Church that honors God, challenges and encourages people during that key time... Offering Time! 

From the Desk of Caleb McAfee

Dear Pastor,

I know you’re busy so in order not to waste your time. I’ll get straight to the point.

This ministry to pastors is called Offering Time. I know you’ll agree that the offering time in your services is important. We have prepared 3 years worth of mini-messages along with PowerPoint slides that you will share just before you receive the morning tithes and offerings on a weekly basis. (Or, as often as you desire). Then, when the 3 years are over, you can simply start from the beginning again, so these messages should carry you through the lifetime of your ministry!

THE RESULTS: Stated briefly, Offering Time giving scripts are guaranteed to far exceed your expectations. I promise you it will.

AND THE COST: This service is equivalent to less than $1.00 a week. That’s only about $4.00 per month and a cost of only $47 per 52 Message Volume!   That's a total of 156 mini-messages and powerpoints!

This purchase will be money and time well spent because you'll discover the secrets that can make a difference in your church and help you turn offering time into victory time.

Caleb McAfee - Offering Time Giving Scripts Messages Author

My Name is Caleb McAfee

Before I explain how to amazingly increase tithes and offerings, you’re probably asking, “Who are you and what qualifies you to do this?”

Well, my name is Caleb McAfee. Fifteen years ago, after over 30 years as the Chief Executive Officer of a commercial investment management corporation, God gave me a promotion, a big promotion.

He called me from secular commercial economics to “biblical economics.”

But clearly, the 30 years in the corporate world were not wasted. It was God’s way to prepare me with the background to help you.

He called me from secular commercial economics to “biblical economics.”

But clearly, the 30 years in the corporate world were not wasted. It was God’s way to prepare me with the background to help you.

You see, my calling and mission is to help you share stewardship principles in such a compelling way so as to move every member of your congregation to become a faithful tither.


What if every member of your church was faithfully committed to tithing?
Would that make a difference? I’m sure it would.

My calling is to help you make this happen.

This calling has taken me to hundreds of great churches across America where I have presented life-transforming stewardship principles as a lifestyle.

Stewardship is a Lifestyle

You see, stewardship is not just something that happens when a person places an envelope in the offering container—it is a lifestyle—a lifestyle that ultimately leads to financial freedom!

I’m no novice at this. I’ve witnessed thousands of people attain financial freedom.

I’m a results-oriented sort of guy. And my seminar, Money and the Christian, has been attended by tens of thousands of Christians in almost every state of the USA with outstanding results. My book by the same name has become a  bestseller. It is used in several colleges and universities as a text.

That’s all gratifying, BUT my greatest joy and highest calling is teaching pastors, like you, how to effectively present stewardship to their people.

In the past, I have worked with a few leading pastors, primarily ones who have hosted our seminars and my relationship with them is now 5, 7 and 10 years in duration. But— that’s not enough, not nearly enough.

Our goal is to help multiplied thousands of pastors all over the world and we are on our way to accomplishing that goal.

Without a doubt, this is our mission and I want you to be one of these pastors.  Continue reading because you are going to be introduced to an exciting resource and service.

You’ll want to seize upon this opportunity.


I’ve done extensive research on why some churches can have such a powerful impact on their community while others seem to merely maintain status quo, struggle by and some eventually stagnate. I now know a major reason why.

Is it their?

  • pastoral leadership?
  • children’s program?
  • music ministry?
  • location and facilities?
  • theology?
  • affluence of the congregation?

Sure, all these factors are important and have a bearing; but there is another reason that is often overlooked. What it is may surprise you!

Coming from the corporate world I know that the bottom line is what keeps companies going and growing—be it Microsoft, Exxon or Google.

It’s their earnings that have enabled them to become leaders in their sectors. They sell their products or services and make a profit—the more profit, the more research and development, the more expansion, the more growth—I think you get the picture.


In answering this question it is easy for us to give a spiritual answer like a compelling vision and godly leadership skills. We might also mention something like powerful preaching under the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Of course, all of these are essential ingredients to keep your church going and growing.

However, there is another essential ingredient that is often overlooked or at least under emphasized because it is considered mundane and not so spiritual, although it is. What keeps your church going and growing is money!

It’s exactly as the Bible says, “Money is the answer for everything.” (Ecclesiastes 10:19 NIV)

Money is important as it:

  • pays your salary and your staff’s salaries;
  • underwrites local outreach and foreign missions;
  • builds your Family Life Center;
  • builds your high-tech youth center;
  • buys the giant screens;
  • pays for church vans;
  • puts you on television.


Money funds the vision. It underwrites almost everything you need to do to effectively fulfill your calling and vision in the kingdom of God.

Many pastors are frustrated because the tight budget will not allow them to implement the vision. Are you? Remember the verse I just quoted? “Money is the answer for everything.”

How does your church get the funds it needs?

Unlike a corporation, a church cannot issue stock or go public. As a 501(c)3, it can’t go into business and sell things. Revenues must come from free-will donations. So the big question is how do you increase giving?


Don’t think me arrogant but we have the answer for you to increase tithes and offerings.

But first, let‘s determine what the answer is not:
– It’s not just matter-of-factly calling the ushers forward to receive the offering AND it’s not having an assistant to receive the offering every Sunday either. (It’s something reserved for you. Ideally, you as the senior pastor should do this nearly every Sunday.)

– Of course, it’s not begging, haranguing or putting your flock on a guilt-trip for not being more generous. (Not only does this not work, it actually has a negative effect.)

– It’s certainly not giving the announcements during the offering, nor is it dismissing the kids for children’s church during the offering.

Remember, if you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’re going to keep getting what you’ve always gotten.

Here’s an important clue to what the secret to breaking the cycle is.

Absolutely nothing must distract offering time from being one of the highest forms of worship. Notice what is underscored? That’s right. In receiving the tithes and offerings you must teach and lead your congregation in worship and understanding of the holiness of the Lord’s tithe.

We now get down to the really important part about these giving scripts –

you need to prepare and deliver two messages each Sunday morning. Not only your main message you deliver for 30-40 minutes but another message you will deliver that morning as well.

I know what you may be thinking—another message? Come on, Caleb. You don’t know the time pressures I have. Oh yes, I do. You’re not alone; today pastors are stretched to the limit. I know.

Actually, it’s amazing that busy pastors have time to prepare one message with a fresh word from the Lord much less two!

Wait, let me explain. The second message will be about 5 minutes in duration. And this is where we come in. We are pastors helping pastors. The name of our ministry is OfferingTime.


I have interviewed hundreds of pastors of churches ranging in size from less than 100 to some of the nation’s leading men and women of God who pastor mega-churches of thousands. These interviews have produced an eye-opening discovery that can make a powerful difference in your church and your ministry.


What you do at offering time makes a big difference, a huge difference in your church’s ability to grow and fulfill its mission.


Offering Time Giving Scripts are short, concise and they are powerful. Each week they are new, fresh and relevant. They provide our congregation a biblical basis to give and help them learn to expect the blessings of God because of their faith and obedience.

We have prayerfully designed these Offering Time giving scripts to inspire faith in the hearts of your congregation as they give. They are written to motivate to action and to increase tithes and offerings.

To set your mind at ease, let me emphasize —these messages are not hyper or far-out. You will find them non-offensive, non-manipulative, tactful, balanced, theologically sound and always in good taste.

The Offering Time messages are conveniently formatted in PDF file and is designed so that when printed out it neatly slips into your Bible.

But the PDF printout is not all!
You will also receive downloadable professionally prepared PowerPoint slides of the Scripture text and an offering admonition.

It’s so low that, believe me, nobody should NOT participate because of the cost. We at OfferingTime have proven over and over that people will respond to the Word. “Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.” (Romans 10:17) The Word delivered in faith will move people to tithe.

Seize upon this opportunity. Purchase one of our Giving Scripts Volumes here to take advantage of our limited time offer, or for even greater savings, buy all 3 and save!

To this point, the focus has been on how our service will help your church fulfill its mission through increased revenues.

But how does it help those sitting in your pews? It’s a given that faithfulness in tithes and offerings holds enormous benefits to those who do it in faith.

You and I are people of the Word. We know that tithing does not cost people, IT PAYS!


Tithing is not God’s punishment plan; it’s His blessing plan. Indeed, God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him, i.e., obey Him and put Him first in everything.

You and I know that God stands behind His Word.
He does so even above His name. ( Psalm 138:2)

Pertaining to tithes and offerings, God literally encourages people to TEST Him so He can PROVE to the tither how faithful He is to open the floodgates of heaven and pour out abundant blessing. (See Malachi 3)

Honor the Lord with your wealth, with the FIRSTFRUITS of your crops; THEN your barns will be filled to overflowing, and your vats will brim over with new wine.” (Proverbs 3:9-10) It’s plain, isn’t it? By encouraging your congregation to tithe, you are doing them an enormous favor. Amen? Amen!

So go ahead and see for yourself what OfferingTime Giving Scripts can do for you. Click to purchase one of the Volumes now to take advantage of special offer today, and make Offering Time…Victory Time!.

Caleb McAfee

- See Video Demo below of "ThanksGIVING" Offering Time Message -