It was back in 2004 someone approached me in the church foyer and said these words; “thank you for the birthday letter, Pastor”! 

Well, that meant a lot to them, but it meant a lot to me personally as well as I realized I had done something to brighten the day for this individual.

This started the journey we have been on for well over ten years now to provide quality, well-written letters from the heart of a Pastor with the goal of providing a way for Pastors and Secretaries around the world to have an accessible library of letters available at all times, and yes, some are even free church letters!

Our story started with a vacation… yes, a vacation.  It was that time of year that we would make a trip that would require quite an extensive time in the vehicle, so the quest to produce an “e-book” of 100 letters for pastors began.  My wife is OK with driving, so I took advantage of the time, pulled out my laptop and started to type on a variety of topics, and after a few days which included “non-vehicle” time as well, the first version of Ministry Letters was “born.”  It was Ministry Letters Version 1.0 and consisted of 100 letters of some of the most popular letters needed in ministry.

I realized as time went on that I wasn’t the only pastor looking for letter templates, so soon began to develop a website that would launch us into the concept of memberships to access the 100 letters, as well as letters that would be added to our site over time. Soon, we were over 450 letters, then just continued to grow with over 1,000 offered at our website ChurchLetters.org.  (new tab opens)

We are so very thankful for the members who have joined our site over the years and look forward to many more years of service ahead!

 A minimal amount of our letters (about 100) have been available in Logos Bible Software for many years, and we continue to enjoy an excellent relationship with them.  Logos is one of the top Bible Study Software tools for Pastors and Scholars around the world.  If you own Logos, be sure to request they place more of our letters in the software!


As a Pastor for over 35 years in full-time ministry, I have found that there are times we can all use a bit of encouragement.  Yes, there are many blog sites available for Pastors, and I would never say “we’re the best,” but perhaps one of the articles on our site will be a blessing to you.  We will have articles of encouragement, education as well as sample letters from time to time you can use regardless of whether you’re a member of churchletters.org or not!  Please note that you will find a number of free Church Letters on this blog to use in your ministry.