Church Leadership

Pastors Wife Superpower Coffee Cup Gift

It seems that there was an attempt to start such a month of appreciation back in 2015 and while it seems to have faded away a bit, I think it’s still a great idea! Perhaps I’m a bit biased because my wife is a Pastor’s wife! My mother was a Pastor’s wife! With the small […]

Sheep comforting Dog who fought to protect the flock

About a month ago, we came across a graphic that was so powerful we shared it on our Facebook page and in turn, as of this writing it has 583 shares.  Evidently there something about Ministering to the Minister that struck a nerve. Without a doubt, this graphic was one that many leaders as well […]

Evangelist Billy Graham - So, Pastor you're not Billy Graham

As I watched the Funeral of Billy Graham I was filled with sincere and heartfelt thanksgiving for all God accomplished through the life of this giant of the Faith, but I wanted to take a few moments to provide some “Pastor Encouragement” while you celebrate the life of this Godly man and again enter the […]

Church Board with Relatives Serving... Good Idea?

One of the issues a church will wrestle with (in a Christian kind of way hopefully), is whether it’s a good idea or not to allow members to serve on the church board.   Regardless of what you may call this group, whether it be elders, deacons, or board members, the challenge is still very real […]

8 Reasons Pastors Leave

I always used to wonder why pastors leave. If you have attended church for any amount of time, you will probably have experienced this event at least once. There was a stretch, when I was younger, that we had 4 different pastors in a 5 year period. It’s also possible that you have never experienced […]

Reasons pastors don't lead their church

THE 5 REASONS PASTORS DO NOT LEAD THEIR CHURCHES (Guest Article – Credits at bottom) I know this sounds like an upside down topic but bear with me. Many senior pastors all over the country have the title of Senior Pastor/Leader but many do not have the authority to truly lead the churches they serve. […]

Thank your Pastor

WANT TO MAKE YOUR PASTOR’S DAY? (GREAT FOR PASTORS APPRECIATION) (Source Unknown)  (No Membership needed to view and use article) Here are nine quick ways to show your appreciation throughout the entire year… not just Pastors Appreciation Day! 1.  Write a note telling the pastor how good a particular sermon was. 2.  Invite others to […]