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Pastors Wife Superpower Coffee Cup Gift

It seems that there was an attempt to start such a month of appreciation back in 2015 and while it seems to have faded away a bit, I think it’s still a great idea! Perhaps I’m a bit biased because my wife is a Pastor’s wife! My mother was a Pastor’s wife! With the small […]

Church Letter Writing - 4 Benefits

Church Letter Writing – 4 Benefits   The art of communication has changed dramatically over the past few decades. With the advent of email, we stopped writing letters. Then, with Facebook, blogs, and Instagram, we started posting information to all our friends and family at once, but stopped communicating with each friend or family on […]

5 Reasons to Find a Home Church

We’re just “church hopping”! As I went through our Visitor Connect Cards following a recent Sunday Service, it was somewhat surprising to read this statement, but at least they were telling the truth. We also have an area someone can select “looking for a church,” but that wasn’t selected because they were just “church hopping.” […]

Do You Have a Girlfriend/Boyfriend Church?

I would imagine you’ve never seen an article start with that headline! Please take a few moments to hear me out on this and then you will see the significance behind a question like that…. FINDING THE PERFECT MARRIAGE FIT Most of us who are married remember those days of “finding the perfect fit” for […]

5 Honorable Actions When Leaving a Church

This is an article addressing the situation of church attendees moving on to another church, and how it can be done in a way that brings honor to the Lord. Did you know there’s an honorable way to leave a church that is beneficial to both the “leaver”, as well as those connected with the […]

Lone Ranger Christians

One of the greatest deceptions of the enemy in this day is the belief that the local church is not needed for the disciple of Christ to grow, while that same Christian becomes captive to a plethora of voices and opinions via social networking connections, television, radio, the internet, etc. One can easily see how […]