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Church Letter Templates for Busy Pastors and Ministry Leaders

Send a Church Letter today by selecting from over 1,200 modifiable church letter samples and templates. Great for “snail mail” or email, church bulletin or church newsletter content.

Letters written by a REAL Pastor for REAL Pastors.

Church Letter Templates written by a Pastor for Ministries includes Membership Access to an expanding selection of over 1,200 Church Letter templates and Welcomes. Select from over 60 pastoral letters categories such as Evangelism LettersChurch Visitor LettersBirthday LettersStewardship and Donor Thank You LettersDiscipleship, and many more!  Send them via regular mail, church email, or use them in your church bulletin or church newsletter for inspiring content!

Modifiable letters for Pastors and Ministry Leaders!

  • HUNDREDS of church letter samples to Copy, Paste, Modify, Send.
  • Over 60 Categories plus powerful search capabilities to find the perfect Church Letter!
  • In addition, we have been online since 2005!
  • Explore new Ministry ideas as you read the letters!
  • Great to use for Church Bulletin or Church Newsletter content
  • A Pastor with over 35 years of ministry experience has written or edited the letters.
  • Growing database of letters and not just a “static” software program!
  • Check out our Memberships today and join for full access!

What makes our Church Letter Site Unique?

We've been offering quality pastoral letters online since 2005.  A Pastor with over 35 years of full-time ministry experience has written or edited the vast majority of the letters.   You can be sure the letters will reflect the heart of a Pastor.

More than just “static software” which only changes with the next software update!

With a membership, you will be able to access new church letter samples and templates as immediately as they are placed on the site.  Be sure to check our site often to see what's available in the recent updates category, and by the way, we also enjoy receiving suggestions from our members!

Why these Pastoral Letters?

The primary purpose of our site is not to just provide church letters for pastors without any thought involved, but it’s to give a STARTING POINT!  You can then modify according to your own style of writing.  Read more about our Website

Save Valuable Time and Money!

As they say, “time is money.”  There's no need to sit for an hour deciding what to write when that hour could be used in some other important area of ministry.  Just search for what you need, modify it, then send it via card, email or letter.

For example: If a Church Secretary is paid $12.00 per hour and is responsible for a number of things throughout the day such as bulletin or newsletter production.  In addition, answering the phone, keeping up the church database and more, it can be challenging to find time to write letters.  One of the problems could be the myriad of subjects to write on, but also keeping their “train of thought” as they work to complete the other tasks.

Just a Few Edits to the Church Letter Template and You're Done!

With just a little editing to make the letter more personal and ministry specific, you can be writing letters like a seasoned “pro” in no time at all!  Perhaps the official church letter writer is busy at the moment, then the Pastor can easily log in to the site, copy a letter and modify it accordingly.

Whether you are on a church staff or volunteering to bless your church by writing letters, we are sure you can think of many other things you need to do.  We hope you recognize the tremendous value of staying in touch with your people!  Our site will free you up to be more effective and efficient in other areas as the burden is lifted regarding letter writing so join today!

Send a Church Letter to Members and Attendees via “Snail Mail”,
Church Email or Greeting Card!

For some reason, when people hear the word “letter”, they think automatically of getting paper, envelope, and stamp.  That may be the most personal way to send a letter, most people are comfortable receiving communication via e-mail too. There are so many creative ways to communicate, so don’t let custom or tradition dictate how you share information!

Great for Church Bulletin or Church Newsletter Content!

The Church Letters you will find on this website are great for Church Bulletins or Church Newsletter content.   As a reminder, the vast majority (about 80%) of the letters have been written by a Pastor.  You can be sure your Church Bulletin or Church Newsletter will have the heart of a Pastor.

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