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How much time do you spend on writing church letters? Or, would you like to use letters/email more but just don’t have the time to give to this important Ministry of staying in touch with people in your congregation and community?

The value of a well-written letter is tremendous. It can provide a church member or adherent with a greater sense of value as they realize they are appreciated and recognized.

What makes us different?

We have been offering quality letters online since 2004, all written or edited by a Pastor with over 35 years of full-time ministry experience in addition to growing up in the home of a Pastor!

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About our Church Letters Website…

Church Letters for Pastors and Secretaries! Formerly Ministry Letters... Just copy, paste, modify and send!Thank you for the letter Pastor!

I will never forget the day I received these encouraging words from a lady who had just received a “Happy Birthday” church letter from me.  A smile of happiness was all over her face as she knew that her Pastor had thought of her and did something about it.  Since that letter, there have been numerous times when someone came to me expressing their appreciation for the fact that they were thought of on their special day.

Are you in Christian Leadership and in need of just the right letter to use for the various key moments that come up during the week, but you just don’t have the time to write a letter for each occasion?  This Church Letters Website will be a resource you will come to over and over again for the best letters to send to your congregation and community!

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Some Partners Over the Years…

Some of the Websites we have either been featured on, or partnered with over the years include Logos Bible Software where 150 of our earliest letters have been part of their product offerings for many years under the name Ministry Letters.   Our first endeavor into the online world was under the name “Ministry Letters”, but we found that most people searching for materials such as this used the term “Church Letters” so we made the decision to change the name back in 2008.

In addition, we are happy to recommend sites such as The Pastor’s Helper and you will see some of the resources on our site in the bonuses which are offered by Barry Davis through that website.  Great ministry resources are there including 52 Free Sermons!

Early on, we also were on the website and we highly recommend their resources in the area of Sermon Materials and helps for busy Pastors.

We would also recommend and for some great helps!

Please be sure to stop by our Testimonials page to view just a fraction of the comments we’ve received over the years.  If you’d like to add your thoughts, be sure to visit our Feedback page.

Church Letters has been an integral part of my ministry over the 35 plus years I’ve served as Youth Pastor, Associate Pastor, Senior Pastor and even a 2 year period “on the road” as a music evangelist.  Our music ministry site is here.

The bottom line is that we want to be able to provide relevant resources for busy pastors and church secretaries, in addition to other ministry leaders who are looking for ways to communicate more effectively with the people God has place in your care.

Formerly Ministry Letters!

This website is far from what it was in the beginning way back in 2005 as we went from to and hopefully settling on  We also own so if you type any of those web addresses in your browser, you will arrive here!

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