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Letter to Encourage Church Membership

Greetings in the Name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

There is nothing quite as great as the warmth of fellowship in a church where you feel the love of God, as well as people around you who are in unity worshiping the Lord together.

If you have been coming for a while you know that we rarely mention membership in the church.  We know of course, it’s far more important to be in God’s family which happens at Salvation. 

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Letter to Inactive Church Member – Determine Intentions

Greetings in Christ!

We trust you are doing well, and God is richly blessing your life!

We are writing this letter to you to determine your intentions regarding your membership status here at (NAME OF CHURCH). We've noticed you have not attended in some time, yet perhaps something has come up that has needed your attention during this period of absence.

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Letter Sharing Importance of the Church

Greetings in Christ!

Have you ever heard a statement similar to this? “Well, I would love to be able to go to church, but it's hard for me to do when I see all the hypocrites there.”

While you may have not heard those exact words, you've probably heard a variation of some kind and perhaps wondered a bit if you were being accused of being a hypocrite. None of us want to be considered in such a way, yet this is the impression often left in the wake of such a statement.

Jesus valued the church greatly, and in fact calls it his Bride! We know also that He's coming one day for a Bride without spot or wrinkle, but we also realize there's still a lot of spots to be removed, and wrinkles to iron!

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Interest Expressed in Baptism – Need to Take New Believer Class


You are receiving this letter because of your response with a desire to be baptized in water.

Water baptism is a wonderful and meaningful outward symbol to the world and other believers of your unashamed passion and commitment to follow Jesus Christ as His disciple.

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