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Come Back to Church – Post Covid

Greetings in Christ!

The past few years have been challenging for every individual, family, business, and Church. Unfortunately, these are just a few categories of people and entities impacted by this global pandemic.

Political and social “norms” have also been in upheaval, while so many of our leaders have often desired to use tragic events to score political points.

I don't have to spend time in this brief letter convincing you of these things as you have seen it all with your own eyes.


Invitation to Fill a Pew Sunday

Dear Church,

Sunday, (DATE) is our annual “Fill-a-Pew” Sunday and we are so excited! This is a wonderful opportunity to invite your unchurched family and friends to a service designed especially to reach them.

We will have a guest speaker, Pastor Michael Jones from Over There Christian Church, and our worship team is putting together a wonderful surprise that we know will encourage and uplift your hearts as well as present a clear Gospel message to our guests.


Invitation to Back to Church Sunday or Friend Day

Warm Greetings in Christ!

Once again, we are coming to the close of another Summer. For many, it seems the Summer days go by way too fast and for a few others, these days simply signify another season just around the corner… football season!

Actually, during the month of September as many are settling back into their schools and jobs following vacation, we also know this is a time for people to look to the church once again for inspiration and fellowship.


Church Letter of Invitation Back To Church Sunday


I trust you and your family are doing well!

You may have seen some of the signs in our community about a special day being observed at many churches called “Back to Church Sunday”.

Well, I wanted to take a moment to send you this church letter of invitation to our “Back to Church Sunday” which is being held on (DATE) at (TIME).

We love our church, and we know you do too!  We are so honored to know you are part of it and want to make sure you know of this great event as well as others we will be sharing about in the days and weeks ahead.  I trust you will put this date on your calendar today and be sure to join us on that day!


Thank You for Attending Back to Church Sunday!

Greetings in Christ!

We wanted to be sure to take this opportunity to send a note of appreciation to you for being our guest here at (NAME OF CHURCH) this past week as we observed a very special day we call “Back to Church Sunday”.

On this special day, we encourage our members and adherents to invite their friends, families and neighbors to come and experience a “taste” of what we're about here at (NAME OF CHURCH).