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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Church Letters?

With over 1,200 Church Letter templates, you will most likely find a letter that can be quickly and easily modified to use in your ministry. Busy Pastors and Ministry Leaders save time as there is no need to write letters from “scratch”. Check out the Memberships here.

Who is the Author of Church Letters?

A Pastor with over 40 years of ministry experience, as well as growing up in the home of a long-time Pastor, these letters are written from the heart of a Pastor. Over 85% of the letters are written directly by him, and the remainder are approved and edited to make sure they are authentic, original and helpful.

How much is a Membership?

Your unlimited access can start today for a low monthly fee! There are other memberships available as well for 6 months or annual. Each membership has valuable bonuses to assist the Ministry Leader as well! Check out the Memberships here.

How long has ChurchLetters.org been online?

Beginning as a simple 100 letter downloadable ebook in 2005, then moving into the online membership category on churchletters.net, and now finally to churchletters.org, we have been offering modifiable church letters a long time! We look forward to many more years of serving busy ministry leaders.

What other resources are available?

In 2017, we added a category to our site for Church Welcomes. This category provides a selection of modifiable welcomes that may be used for special days, holidays, or any Sunday you gather for worship.

Also, most recently, in 2020 a new category was added for Bulletin and Newsletter articles. These are great for short stories and even sermon illustrations!

As with all our resources, we will endeavor to add letters, welcomes and articles in the days, weeks, months and years ahead! Join today!

How do I use the website?

We have created a very brief video to assist you in how to use the website after you join. As you will see, it is quite simple to log in, copy the letter you need, modify it for your own use, then send it via snail mail or email! Click here to view the “how-to” video page.

Do you have any other languages available for Church Letters?

We have a limited supply of letters that have been translated into the Spanish Language. Please click here for Cartas Pastorales.