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New Year “Crossover Service” Invitation

Greetings in Christ!

As we prepare to “cross over” from this year to a new year, I'm reminded of a powerful story from Joshua 3:14-17, which, no doubt, will be familiar to most of you.

God's people had been delivered from slavery in Egypt after 400 years of serving the goals and agenda of godless leaders in a pagan nation. They then spent the next 40 years wandering in the wilderness as a result of disobedience, disbelief, and despair! Moses had passed away, and a new leader named Joshua was now leading the people into the land promised by God to His people.


Christmas Eve Visitor Follow-up Letter

Dear [Visitor's Name],

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior!

I am writing to extend a heartfelt thank you for joining us at [Your Church Name] for our Christmas Eve service. It was a joy to have you with us as we celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ, a time of great joy and reflection.

Your presence added to the warmth and spirit of our gathering. At [Your Church Name], we strive to create a welcoming and nurturing environment for all who walk through our doors, and we hope you felt the love and fellowship of our church family.


New Year’s Letter – Alpha and Omega

New Year's Greetings!

As we begin the New Year, I wanted to share a scripture focusing on the first and last letters of the Greek Alphabet – “Alpha” and “Omega.”

As you know, Jesus refers to Himself as the Alpha and Omega in Revelation 22:13 (NKJV) 13 I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, the First and the Last.”

We must remember that regardless of what we will face in the upcoming year, Jesus Christ will be there in the beginning and at the end!


Christmas Letter 2023 – Miracle Offering

Christmas Greetings!

As the Christmas Season is now upon us, I am writing a letter to you that has been in my heart for some time now.

While we don't like to share often concerning the financial needs here at (NAME OF CHURCH), the leadership has sensed this would be an appropriate time to reach out in honesty and, yes, even a sense of urgency.

While we are mindful of the faithful and consistent giving of so many within our congregation, lately our financial challenges have become more of a concern than usual.