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Tribute to Fathers 2020 Courageous Fatherhood

Tribute to Fathers – Father's Day 2020

Courageous Fatherhood.

Moses had led the people to the brink of the Promised Land, yet due to a lapse in his judgment and through disobedience to God, he would not be the one to lead them into the land.

A time for leadership change had come, and Joshua was now leading the people. One can only begin to imagine how difficult this was for Joshua, as well as the people. Change in leadership is challenging for everyone, but following a legend of a leader is difficult on another level!


Mother’s Day Church Welcome 2020 – (During Coronavirus)

Church Welcome Mother's Day during Coronavirus


We are so glad you have joined us for our Mother's Day 2020!

Things are quite different this year than previous years as we now have become accustomed to terms such as “social distancing” and “flattening the curve” and even “lock-down.”

There are many more words that weren't part of our vocabulary last year at this time, but we continue to press on and believe God has the answer for what we are going through.


Mother’s Day Welcome to Church – Be Still in His Presence

Happy Mother's Day!

We here at (NAME OF CHURCH) are thrilled to welcome all Mothers today in addition to everyone else who has chosen to worship with us!

While we live in a world that focuses on what we do, Andy Stanley has a powerful quote I thought I would share which goes like this; “Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise.”


Church Welcome to Father’s Day Service – Godly Traits in Father

Good morning, and welcome to service here at (Name of Church).

We would like to welcome you today to our Father's Day service, and I wanted to share the following thoughts with you about the traits of a Godly Father:

He teaches kindness by being thoughtful and gracious even at home.
He teaches patience by being gentle and understanding over and over.


Welcome to Church on Father’s Day – Dedicate Your Heart to Worship

Good morning!

We want to welcome you today to our Father's Day service here at First Christian Church!

We realize that today there may be Fathers who are visiting for the very first time, as well as Fathers who have been regular attendees of our church. We know that life can be very challenging, especially for Fathers who have made up their minds to serve the Lord.