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Come Back to Church – Post Covid

Greetings in Christ!

The past few years have been challenging for every individual, family, business, and Church. Unfortunately, these are just a few categories of people and entities impacted by this global pandemic.

Political and social “norms” have also been in upheaval, while so many of our leaders have often desired to use tragic events to score political points.

I don't have to spend time in this brief letter convincing you of these things as you have seen it all with your own eyes.


Encourage People to Re-Gather for Church

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Greetings in Christ!

I trust you are doing well and staying healthy in these challenging times.

As you know, our church has faced tremendous challenges over the past months as we have done our best to navigate the pandemic. Doubtless, all the decisions we've made have not been perfect, but we have tried to seek the mind of God and sought His wisdom.

As we have returned to worship together, again, we've tried to do so with a sense of care while striving to gain some semblance of “normalcy.” We often hear that people can't wait to “get back to normal.” I heard someone say at one point though, that “normal is just a setting on the dryer.”


We Miss You at Church (During Pandemic)

(Letter to use for people missing church while being extra cautious)

Greetings in Christ!

I wanted to take a few moments to send you this letter to let you know that we miss you during this challenging Global Pandemic.

While many have gathered back in the sanctuary for church services, we know that others are not quite ready to return yet. Please rest assured, we understand! While we are praying that the day comes soon, we can all be together again; please know we consider you a valuable part of this local church body.


We Miss Our Church Family – During Coronavirus

(Letter to use when entire church is unable to gather due to Coronavirus – Adapt as needed)

Dear (NAME),

I wanted to take a moment to send this letter to let you know how much we miss meeting together as a church family during this time of battling the Coronavirus.

While we know and realize the “church” is not a building, but the people who make up the body of Christ, there's little doubt in all our minds this is not the way any of us envision what church will be going forward.

Someone once said, “you don't know what you have until it's gone.” Of course, the church is not “gone” in a literal sense, but not meeting together sure does make me appreciate what we had! Yet, the thing that keeps me going is the realization this is not a situation that will last forever.