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Letter to Prepare Christian for Voting in Election

Greetings in Christ,

As we come closer to Election Day, I wanted to take a few moments to send you this letter to encourage you to be sure to vote on (DATE).

However, before voting, I would like to ask you to do something of far greater importance, and that would be to PRAY for God's perfect will to be revealed in the upcoming election.

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The Value of a Life Missions Appeal Letter

The Value of a Life Missions Appeal Letter

Greetings in Christ!

As we prepare once again to decide what we will do for Missions in the next 12 months, I want to encourage you to take a moment to consider the value of “one”.

Somehow, when we say the word “Missions”, we often consider the enormity of the call and the realization that God has called us to reach the world!

Yet, when Jesus was here on this earth, it is quite clear that though He came to save the world, He saw the value of one life at a time. He would often take time to minister to that society would look past. The beggars, the blind, the lame, the woman who touched the hem of his garment, would all feel the love of God. The religious and the tax collectors knew as well that He was there for them as much as anyone else.

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Thanksgiving Letter to Church 2020

Happy Thanksgiving!

On behalf of the staff here at (NAME OF CHURCH), I wanted to take this opportunity to wish you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving Season.

Without a doubt, we could spend much time focusing on the many things going wrong in our Nation, but I want to remind us of the tremendous importance and calling we have to be a people of Thankfulness!

1 Chronicles 16:34 (NKJV) 34 Oh, give thanks to the LORD, for He is good! For His mercy endures forever.

Rudyard Kipling was a great writer and poet whose writings we have all enjoyed. Unlike many old writers, Kipling was one of the few who had the opportunity to enjoy his success while he lived. He also made a great deal of money at his trade.

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Pastor Appreciation Speech 2020

Welcome to Pastor's Appreciation Day 2020!

What a year it's been!

Every year, we take some time during the month of October to “give honor where honor is due” by honoring our Pastor(s) here at (NAME OF CHURCH).

God has truly blessed us with a Pastor and wife who truly have hearts to minister to those of us who are part of this church body.

We all have had decisions to make during these past months that impact our families, and even at times, employees or people we work with daily. At the beginning of this year, not one of us looked over the horizon of 2020 and predicted such difficult times for our world, nation, churches, or families. Yet, we have taken it “one day at a time,” trusting God will help us to make decisions that will be correct.

I highly doubt our Pastor ever took “Pandemic 101” as a course in Seminary or Bible School!

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Quarterly Giving Report October 2020 – Coronavirus

Greetings in Christ!

These past few months have been a tremendous challenge in so many ways for individuals, families, churches, and of course, our Nation and World.

I am sharing with you your Quarterly Giving Report to the church for July – September of the year 2020.

While we as a church have seen challenges along the way as we have been dealing with the situation, we are happy to report that God is faithful! He has proven Himself over and over again through the faithful, consistent giving of people just like you!

We realize, of course, there are many whose finances have not been the same. Some have been unable to give of Tithes and Offerings like they regularly do. We are praying that God will “open the floodgates of Heaven” in a powerful way very soon.

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