Your letters have been a great help to our ministry. You’re right, thinking and thinking of what to say can wear you down … so your letters have been a great help. The letters continue to be a blessing to both Andrae and myself.”Thank you for being faithful to helping so many in the ministry.    Andrae’ and Sandra Crouch

Sandra and Andrae' Crouch 
Pastors and Singer/Songwriters
(Andrae' move to his heavenly reward in 2015)

​I hardly consider myself ever being at a loss for words, but has been an amazing blessing to me in reaching and connecting with friends, colleagues and ministry leaders. Sometimes I use an entire letter that speaks my heart. Other times I use just a phrase that helps me better articulate a letter I personally composed. I use it in letters, emails, more. It saves me a lot of time in the writing process. sort of reminds of me of a composer writing a great song for a singer to sing. It's really cool because people love being appreciated and edified. Appreciation always wins over self promotion!"

- Alvin Slaughter
Inspirational Speaker, Songwriter and International Worship Leader
Alvin Slaughter International

Alvin Slaughter

I want to thank you and the many members of for allowing God to use you and the gifts He has given you to help thousands of people like myself to get letters out to other people that may be in need of a written word of prayer, exhortation and encouragement to bring peace and comfort. Every time I am at a loss for words, I can always find a letter in the ChurchLetters vast library to jump start my letter. Please continue to have an open heart and ear for the direction God is taking you and into.

Church Secretary

I want to thank you so much for your site it has been a blessing to me and our church. I was able to write a letter to several churches inviting them to our revival. We have a small church approximately 60 people, and we ended up with over 200 people at the revival due to your site, I was able to write the best letters I have ever written, we couldn’t have done it without your site and God. May God bless you.

Church Secretary

One of the most time consuming and energy draining jobs for me is writing letters. Saying just the right thing is important, but knowing what to say can be a challenge sometimes. Your letters give me the peace of mind of knowing I can find the right thing to say by just making a few changes to one of yours with very little effort. Now I don’t feel the guilt of knowing I need to write a letter for a specific occasion, but put it off so long I miss the opportunity. Thanks so much for this great ministry. I will tell my friends about your wonderful service.–

Dr. Sharon Schuetz 
Lady Patriots News & Former Pastor

Wonderful selection that covers just about every contingency a pastor might need. I especially like the ability to use the letters as examples for developing my own correspondence. The Ministry Letters are carefully constructed: poignant, informative, cheerful, supportive, and crafted with Christ in mind. Keep up the good work.– Pastor Bill

Pastor Bill