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Pastor Appreciation Day Welcome – 2021

Good morning, Church!

We are so happy to have you with us today here at (NAME OF CHURCH)!

A little later in the service, we will be honoring some very special people as we celebrate our Pastor(s) on Pastor Appreciation Day.

We believe it is essential to let them know just how much we appreciate all they do here at the Church and in our community. They serve with the heart of Christ who set the example for all of us as he knelt and washed the feet of the Disciples. Most likely, there will be no “foot washing” in a literal sense today (and aren't you glad for that?), yet we will thank them for their servant spirit and give honor where honor is due.


Church Welcome Pastor Appreciation Day

We are so glad to have you with us today here at (NAME OF CHURCH)! This is a very special day as we take the time to “give honor where honor is due” and recognize and appreciate the Pastor(s) of our church during this Pastor's Appreciation Month.

Whether this is your first time with us or you are a regular attendee, we want you to know how much we appreciate having you here with us. We trust you will enjoy the service while experiencing the wonderful presence of the Lord as the service progresses.

We will take some time during this service to let our Pastor(s) and families know that we appreciate them so much.  We value their ministry and will not only support them today, but will love and pray for them throughout the year.  We trust you will join us!


Welcome to Church on Independence Day Weekend – Thank God for Freedom

Welcome to Church!

We are so glad that you have chosen to worship with us today on this weekend that we look back and celebrate our freedom as Americans!

Someone rightfully said one time that freedom isn't free. Those of us who have lived in America for any period of time recognize that truly this is the case. Men and women have given their lives over the years so that you and I can enjoy the freedom we know, as well as the freedom to be here today to worship God together.