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Mother’s Day Tribute – 2022

(Please note: This tribute may also be used as a letter of invitation to Mother's Day)

Welcome to all Mothers who are either in attendance today or watching this service online.

The past two years have been quite a challenge for every individual on the planet, but especially Moms! (Don't worry, Dads, your day is coming soon).

While there are no classes on how to be a Mother during a Global Pandemic, I believe if there ever is one in the future, Moms could write the workbook for it! Let's pray such a class is never needed, though!

While we are on the other side of this pandemic struggle, (seemingly) there are still challenges that parents face, especially if the goal is to raise a child to serve the Lord.


Easter Service Welcome

Welcome to service on Easter Sunday!

We are thrilled that you have joined us today as we gather together to worship our risen Savior, Jesus Christ!

Without a doubt, the resurrection of Christ is an event that validated the life and ultimate crucifixion of the Lord. If He had been placed in the tomb and stayed there, He would have gone down in history as another “good man” who helped many people but in the end, could not help Himself.


Church Welcome – Sunday After Easter

Jesus is STILL alive!

We wanted to extend a warm welcome to you today as we once again gather for a time of worship and appreciation to our Savior for what He has done, and WILL do for us.

We are thrilled to have you with us today and while many people around the world settle back into their custom of attending church on Christmas and Easter, isn't it great to celebrate the risen Savior each and every day?


Church Welcome – First Sunday of Lent

Greetings and peace from our Lord Jesus Christ! Today is the first Sunday of Lent, and we are happy to have you with us at INSERT NAME OF CHURCH HERE as we prepare our minds and spirits for the events of the Lenten season.

Whether you regularly worship at INSERT NAME OF CHURCH HERE or whether you’re visiting with us to see if this place is right for you, we encourage you to join us in this season of the Christian journey. 


Church Welcome – Second Sunday of Lent

Welcome to (NAME OF CHURCH)!

We are so glad you've chosen to join us for worship today  on this second Sunday of Lent and trust this will be a great day of blessing for you and your loved ones.

In this season leading up to Easter, we are reminded once again of the importance of taking time to reflect on the goodness of God and His desire to dwell with us, and in us!