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Welcome to our Pro Membership Benefits page!

Thank you for being a Member of!  

We have been offering quality, pre-written letters for pastors, church secretaries and other ministry leaders since 2004!  We continue to grow with new letters that are being added to our site frequently.

We are honored to partner with the following companies to provide you (our members) with access to resources at a discounted rate to help you save even more time and money!  The following companies have also offered resources for many years and are well known for their desire to make YOUR ministry more effective for the Kingdom!

Be sure to take them up on their offers today!

If you are logged in to your paid membership, you will see some great discounts below which includes:

  •  15 % Discount on all SermonCentral Memberships (Coupon Code available after logging in)
  • 10 % Discount on Logos Bible Software Packages plus 5 FREE Books!  (Coupon Code available after logging in)
  • 20 % Discount on Voiceology (Coupon Code available after logging in)

Note: If you don't see the offers below, be sure you are a paying member of our site and have logged in...

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