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Encouragement to Praise God in Faith

Greetings in Christ!

Isn't God good? While we live in challenging times, we must also remember that God is not bound by times or seasons, and He is STILL a good God!

Praise is something that we ALL can do and shouldn't be held back just because we aren't on the “victory side” of things yet.

Often, our problem as human beings is that we ONLY praise when we see the answer, but quite often in the Bible, we see how Praise should go first!


See You At The Altar – Encourage Parents To Pray


I wanted to take a moment to write to everyone concerning a very special event taking place here at the church called, “See You At The Altar”.

See You at the Altar is a day set aside (the fourth Wednesday each September) for parents and grandparents to gather and pray for their children at the beginning of the school year. The day for See You at the Altar corresponds with the day for See You at the Pole, a national day of prayer for students to meet at their school's flagpole to pray.


See You At The Pole – Encourage Students To Attend

See You at the Pole Invitation Letter


Well, it's almost that time again!  What “time” you may ask?  Well, I certainly don't want to be the bearer of bad news, but it's time to go back to school for students all across our nation.  I believe this does not have to be bad news though, as many students are excited about going back into their schools to shine the light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in powerful ways.