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Letter to Homebound Church Member at Christmas

Dear [Homebound Church Member],

We hope this letter finds you well. As the Christmas season approaches, we want to let you know that you are in our thoughts and prayers.

Being homebound can be challenging, especially during the holidays when it's natural to want to be with loved ones and friends. However, we want you to know that you are not alone and are still a valued and essential part of our church community.


Visitor Follow Up Letter – Christmas Service

Dear [Visitor],

We hope this letter finds you well. We want to thank you for joining us at our Christmas service last Sunday. It was a pleasure to have you with us, and we hope that you enjoyed the celebration of the birth of Jesus.

At [Church Name], we believe that the Christmas season is a time to come together and celebrate the love and hope that Jesus brings to the world. We hope you felt that spirit of love and hope during your time with us.


New Year Letter – A New Thing!

Happy New Year!

As we look out over the horizon of this new year, I probably don't need to remind you that none of us knows what tomorrow holds. This is why it is so important to keep our eyes focused on our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  I want to share a New Year message for church members and attendees!

Most of us have either purchased a new car or at least taken a ride in a brand-new vehicle with the “new smell” still fully intact. Yet, it doesn't take too long for the “new” to become “old” or at least that feeling of new.

There's a powerful scripture in the Bible that I believe is still relevant in this day and age we live.


Church Christmas Letter – Home for Christmas

Christmas Greetings!

I want to take this opportunity to wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and be sure to invite you to Services here at (NAME OF CHURCH).

We often hear the words spoken or sung about being “home for Christmas.” These words can bring great comfort to the heart as so many of us think of Christmas gatherings with friends and loved ones that were a great blessing.

Yet, I want to take that further and invite you and your loved ones to attend your “Church Home” for Christmas services. I realize so many of you are already planning to join us, but perhaps some are considering other activities during this busy time of year.


Christmas Carol Invitation Letter


Christmas Season Greetings!

One of the most enjoyable things we can do during this time is to gather together to sing Christmas Carols!

I invite you and your loved ones to join us as we do our best to spread Christmas cheer as we minister in song.

You don't have to be an official “singer,” but bring your best smile along and be ready to share the love of Jesus Christ with people who need to hear this message of hope!