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Church Letter – First Time Visitors to Church (See Full Sample Below)
First Time Visitors to Church (2)
First Time Visitors to Church (3)
First Time Visitors to Church (4)
First Time Visitors to Church (5)
First Time Visitors to Church (6)
Second Time Visitors to Church
To Visitor from Out of Area
Thanks For Visiting Sunday School
For Visiting Small Group Ministry


Church Letter - First Time Visitors to Church

Dear ____________,

We were privileged to have you as our guest at Christian Life Church this past Sunday and are grateful you chose to worship with us. We trust that your visit here was spiritually enriching and that you were warmly received.

As a church, we are committed to the person of Jesus Christ, and we base our teaching upon God’s revealed word, the Bible. It is our desire that people come to place their trust in Christ to forgive and lead them, and that they grow in their relationship with Him.

We seek to provide regular teaching and preaching of the Bible, meaningful times of worship, opportunities for fellowship, prayer, outreach, and numerous other ministries for people of all ages.

For much more information about Christian Life Church, and if you have access to the Internet, I encourage you to visit our web site at www.yourwebsite.org. This web site is updated periodically to include the latest events and happenings taking place here, as well as photos, devotional, and other useful tools for you. Also, on the web site you can sign up to receive some information via e-mail from the church for a period of about a week.

In Christ's Love,

Rev. John Doe