Individual Letters
Only $5.00 each!

If you are NOT a member, and only need 1 letter at a time, the process to order an individual letter from our site is very simple.  Simply browse our site using the category links at the left, or search form and find a letter you would be interested in.  (Note: the letters are not the full letter, but only a “snippet” of the actual letter.)

When you find a letter you would like to order, simply enter your e-mail address in the form provided on the letter “snippet”, click the “buy” button and a form will come up to enter the rest of your payment information.

Following payment, you will be re-directed to a page which has a receipt as well as your full letter!  A copy of the receipt and letter will be e-mailed to you too.

However, if you want access to our ENTIRE database of letters, don’t hesitate to become a Member! (New window opens)

Note: If you purchased EVERY letter as an Individual Letter, it would cost well in excess of $4000.00!  We think you will agree that a Membership is the best way to go!  A Platinum Annual Membership figures out to only 16 Cents a Day!

1. Enter e-mail address in letter you need.
2. Click the “Buy” Button



3. Enter Payment information on next page.


4. Receipt and Full Text of Letter to copy.  It’s that easy!