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If you could give your Pastor or Church Secretary a gift that could keep giving for an entire year, would you do that?  Or, Pastors… how about purchasing a Membership for your Secretary!

Well, without a doubt, a membership at this website saves ministry leadership countless hours of time as they gain unlimited access to hundreds of church letters all nestled neatly within 50 plus different categories!

Take a look at the categories on the left, and do a little exploring of our site, but be sure to copy the link of the page you are now on so that you can return when it's time to order.  This is not a “public” link you can access from our link menu.

These letters simply help a church leader get started in something they do all the time… write letters or e-mails to the church members, adherents, and community.  They will be able to easily edit the letter to make it their own of course within a word processing program.  The process is simple… .”copy, paste, modify and send”!

Here's the way it works…

Use the purchase button below, and when you reach the checkout page, type in the word “leader” (without quotations) and you will receive a $10 discount off the already low $59.95 price for a year's membership.  Your total cost for the membership will be only $49.95!  The Pastor or Church Secretary will enjoy UNLIMITED access for an entire year!

You will then receive confirmation of the order and login information which can be easily forwarded on to the receiver who can then log in to the site and make the necessary changes such as e-mail and password, etc.

Important:  Please place the name and e-mail address of the Membership Gift Recipient in the COMMENTS box when checking out so that we may communicate with them in the future.

This membership will NOT auto-renew.  If the Gift Recipient wishes to continue membership after the year expires, they can easily purchase a membership at that point.

If you are a Pastor or Church Leader, and have reached this page, please feel free to purchase this for yourself or visit our Membership Page for even more options.   (Opens in new window)

Join ChurchLetters.org today!