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New Bonus – “Stories of Grace” Sermon Series

​New 4 Part Sermon Series - Stories of Grace
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Stories of Grace Sermon Series

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A 4-part message series looking at grace given and received with powerful truths applied to our lives today and based on 4 powerful stories of grace in the Word of God.  See Message titles and main points below...

Download the full series in 1 Winzip file consisting of 4 Word full text messages, and 4 Powerpoints to go with each message.

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Graphics are courtesy of Ian Dale at www.iandale.net

Message 1 – Story of Mercy and Grace – The Prodigal Son
Text: Luke 15
1. The Distance was Far
2. Disgrace was Felt
3. Decisions were Made

Message 2 – Grace that Chooses – Bitter or Better – The Prodigal Son’s Brother
Text: Luke 15
1. The Choice to Be Bitter
2. The Choice to Be Better

Message 3 – The Initiative of Grace – Story of David and Mephibosheth
Text: 2 Sam. 9
1. Grace that Reaches
2. Grace that Restores

Message 4 – The Embrace of Grace – Story of the Woman with the Alabaster Box
Text: Luke 7:30-47
1. God’s Mercy and Grace Always Welcomes the Sinner
2. God’s Grace Gives Boldness to Profess Christ Before Others.
​3. Grace Takes our Side in Defense