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Non-U.S. Membership

Need a Non-United States Membership without paying for the U.S. based Holiday Letters and Welcomes?

ChurchLetters.org has grown tremendously over the years and we recognize many of our Church Letter and Welcome resources apply primarily to the United States such as U.S. Holidays and Special Days.  For instance, it is estimated that over 200 of our letters and welcomes deal exclusively with U.S. specific days and for some, purchasing a membership is not a wise use of money.

We serve MANY Countries of the World!

We have a solution that will save you money!

While it would be impossible to include all the Holidays of the world, we can at least make it less expensive to become a member if you don't need to use these U.S. based resources but still appreciate the church related letters and welcomes.

Since about 20% of our letters are U.S. Holiday based,  we are offering a 20% (U.S. Currency) discount off our Annual Platinum Membership!  $59.95 to $47.95!

That means you will receive full access to our library of letters and welcomes, and while you will still see all the resources (including U.S. Holidays), you will be paying less for the membership since you won't be using them!  Sound fair?

Here's how to get your 20% discount:

  1. Visit our Membership page here. (New tab opens)
  2. Select the Platinum Membership
  3. On the check out page enter the Coupon Code: non-us (Type it in, not copy/paste)
  4. Click the green “APPLY” button and finish payment information to check out.
  5. You will see the price drop from $59.95 to $47.95!  (20% Savings even at Renewal)!
  6. Enjoy our site!

Note: Any U.S. based Membership created with this coupon code will be canceled and money refunded.

Note: This is only for New Non-U.S. Members.