Warm Greetings!

As part of the leadership team here at (NAME OF CHURCH), we wanted to send this letter of thanks to our church family to express our deepest appreciation for your participation in this very special day in which we showed our love for our Pastor staff and families. Logged in Members, CLICK HERE to view full text!

Greetings in Christ!

We wanted to be sure to take this opportunity to send a note of appreciation to you for being our guest here at (NAME OF CHURCH) this past week as we observed a very special day we call “Back to Church Sunday”.

On this special day, we encourage our members and adherents to invite their friends, families and neighbors to come and experience a “taste” of what we’re about here at (NAME OF CHURCH). Logged in Members, CLICK HERE to view full text!

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Grandparents Day Church Welcome


Whether you are a regular attendee or this is your first time with us, we wanted to make sure you know how much we appreciate you joining for worship today here at (NAME OF CHURCH)!

Today is recognized nationally as Grandparents Day, and we wanted to just take this opportunity to express our love and appreciation to all the Grandparents in attendance. Logged in Members, CLICK HERE to view full text!

Letter of Encouragement to be Christ’s Hands, Feet and Voice!

Greetings in Christ!

A singer and songwriter by the name of Gordon Jensen wrote a song some years ago which mentions the fact that you and I as Christians are the only “Jesus” that many people will see.

No, this does not mean we are Jesus Himself of course. We know He is Jesus all by Himself, yet it should be our goal and desire to be just a bit more like Him every day by sharing what Christ is like. We are to be “lights” in a dark world!

If there is ever a time for people to see Christ in action through His people, it is today!

Take a moment to read this story which illustrates what we are to be in this world when it comes to sharing Christ.

Pastor Mark Thompson of Faribault, Minnesota, suffered terrible knife wounds from an assailant in his home, in October 1988. One of the many consequences of his difficult recovery was being forced to miss watching his son Chris run in the state cross-country championship meet. Pastor Thompson commissioned his brother Merv to go in his stead. According to the account in the St. Paul Pioneer Press & Dispatch, Mark told his brother, “I can’t be there to see Chris run. So I want you there at the beginning of the race. Holler a lot. … Then at the end, I want you to really cheer loudly. And I want you to make your voice sound like mine.” Merv heeded the advice, and Chris ran a strong race, finishing second. Merv, also a pastor, discerned the theological truth in the story. “That’s what Jesus wants us to do.” he said. “Make your voice sound like mine.”

Friends, we are called to live in this world to “make our voice sound like His”! How can we know what His voice is like? Well, I believe one of the greatest ways is to get into the Word of God and see how He ministered to, and blessed people while on this earth. While the religious crowd often shunned Him, we know He took time for those who were hurting, broken and wounded.

Let’s do that!

There’s an old song that has these words:”Oh to be His hand extended, reaching out to the oppressed, Let me touch Him, let me touch Jesus,So that others may know and be blessed.” I encourage you today to do your best to walk where He would walk. To talk the way He would talk, and to lend your voice to the voiceless!

Blessings in Christ,

Pastor John Doe

Letter of Encouragement to Get Involved in Volunteer Ministry

Greetings in Christ!

As we move our attention away from the “lazy, hazy days of Summer”, and begin to focus on the Fall Season, I wanted to take just a moment to remind all of us of the tremendous value there is in living lives of service for the Lord in ministry. Many people wait until school starts before they once again turn to the church both to have needs met, as well as to be on the giving end of seeing people ministered to. Logged in Members, CLICK HERE to view full text!

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Invitation to Mother’s Day Service

Invitation Mother’s Day Service

Greetings in Christ!

We are looking forward to celebrating Mother’s Day on (DATE) at (TIME) here at (NAME OF CHURCH), and we would like to be sure to invite you and your family to join us! We realize there is a wide range of emotions on Mother’s Day, and while we do our best to be sensitive to this, we also believe it is of great importance that we take time to celebrate Mothers and the wonderful gift they are to families.

There’s a wonderful little story on the impact a Godly Mother makes on a child and how it can carry them through times of great challenge to their faith, especially as they leave home and begin to make their way in the world. Logged in Members, CLICK HERE to view full text!

Mother’s Day Church Invitation – Include ALL Ladies and Girls


I wanted to take this opportunity to send this Mother’s Day Invitation to everyone!
We will be doing something a bit different this year than we have done before, and I think you are going to appreciate it.

As a Pastor, I often speak with ladies who share that there are times Mother’s Day is one of the most difficult days on the church calendar for them and after hearing a few of their thoughts, Logged in Members, CLICK HERE to view full text!

Appreciation to Pastor of 22 Years – Monetary Appeal

Warm Greetings in Christ!

It may seem a bit “early”, however, we wanted to give you notice well in advance of our Pastor’s 22nd Anniversary of ministry here at (NAME OF CHURCH). The actual Anniversary Celebration will take place September 24-25 of this year so be sure to reserve those dates on your calendar! Logged in Members, CLICK HERE to view full text!

Church Welcome – Easter Sunday (Life after Easter Theme)

Welcome to Church! We are so glad you have chosen to worship the Lord with us here at (NAME OF CHURCH) on Easter Sunday!

We live in a world of many challenges and with each passing day, it seems the challenges become more numerous. People are searching for “someone” to lead them out of despair and difficulties within their own lives, yet in reality, this is exactly the way it was in the time Jesus walked the dusty roads of Israel prior to His crucifixion. Logged in Members, CLICK HERE to view full text!

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Good Friday Service Invitation

Good Friday Service Invitation


When I was a child, I was always confused by the phrase “Good Friday.” Usually, we don’t look upon the death of a loved one and call it “good.”  On the contrary, we grieve and mourn for the loss of life. That being said, how could the day of our Savior’s violent death be called good? Logged in Members, CLICK HERE to view full text!