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The Billy Graham Rule

World famous Billy Graham, inspiration for millions, started out with very humble beginnings. He loved playing ball. He grew up on a dairy farm. He loved his mom and would try to please her with small gifts like hand picked flowers. He became a fuller brush salesman, trying to persuade people to take the brushes in his case, as he would one day persuade people to take the gospel. As a young man, he gave his life to Christ at a revival and announced to his mother, “Oh, mother, I've been saved tonight.” After that his life was transformed with Billy showing behavior changes and a zeal for God.

One thing he is known for besides his effective preaching, is the “Billy Graham Rule.” Graham made it a practice to never be alone with a woman other than his wife. He and his team knew that other traveling ministers had fallen into immorality when alone on tour. Also this code of conduct helped them to avoid even the appearance of evil. When entering a hotel room, someone from the team would check under the bed and in the closets to make sure no woman was waiting there with a photographer to entrap Graham with an incriminating photo. The “Billy Graham Rule” has been adopted by Vice President, Mike Pence, as he will not be alone, or even have dinner alone with a woman other than his wife.

This rule has been criticized as somehow demeaning of women, but the criticism ignores the fundamental weakness which exists in us as flawed human beings. Billy Graham wisely avoided even the appearance of evil throughout his ministry. It reminds one of the old adage – Better to be safe than sorry.

– Mary Atwood

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