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Request for Encouraging Words for Pastor Appreciation Day

In anticipation of Pastor Appreciation Day on October _____, we are writing to the entire congregation to request letters and notes of appreciation we are compiling for Pastor Doe on this special day.

The Bible says in Proverbs 25:11 “A word aptly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver.”  Just as a word “spoken” is a beautiful thing, so too is a word fitly “written”.  Often, we take for granted those in leadership who hear a variety of comments on a weekly basis.

We would like to encourage you to take a few moments to write something of an encouraging nature to Pastor Doe and/or his wife and family.  Are there times you have been ministered to through their ministry in some way, and would be willing to share it with him?

We want to take a few moments in the Pastor Appreciation service and present an “Appreciation Scrapbook” made up of these cards and letters along with a picture of each family/person who contributes to this book.

For those who are participating, we are asking that you submit your photo and card or letter by Sunday, September ________, so that we will have ample time to construct the book for eventual presentation on Pastors Appreciation Day.  Please note that this will be a surprise, so submissions may be given to _______ ________ privately.

Thank you for considering this request, and we look forward to including your submission in this special “Appreciation Scrapbook”.

In Christ,

The Pastor Appreciation Day Committee

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