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Thank You to Volunteer Children’s Christmas Program Director

Greetings in Christ!


I don’t start too many letters with that word as you can imagine, but this occasion is worthy of the word “wow”…

On behalf of the congregation and leadership here at (NAME OF CHURCH), I wanted to just say how appreciative we are of your efforts in leading our Children’s Christmas Program this year!

When someone volunteers to do something this big, rarely do they have any sense of the commitment level it takes to make it happen. The practices that seem to be a bit endless at times, and as the day of presentation draws closer, the clock seems to move at a speed much faster than anticipated.

I know that I’ve heard many folks remark at not only how well the program went, but that in fact they felt ministered to in the process, and isn’t what our main goal should be in the first place?

We trust you felt the support of others during this time. I know that so often while leading a project, there are moments when it seems like it’s a lonely effort. Even if there was never any kind of recognition here on this earth, I often keep myself on track in realizing one day the Lord will reward those who are simply faithful to His service.

So please accept my thanks and appreciation, yet rest assured, HE noticed!

Blessings in Christ,
Pastor John Doe

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