I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for attending First Christian Church this past week, and I trust that you and your family felt welcome.

The local church provides the greatest avenue for encouragement and strength, as well as providing for much needed direction and guidance in these challenging days we live.

The church is a wonderful oasis of peace in the midst of the trials and hardships that life offers.

We believe that First Christian Church can provide a place for ministry for every person who longs to be servants of God, and be used of Him.  Life gains meaning when we find out God’s will and then begin to take steps to accomplish it in our relationships.

A certain Christian lady once said to a friend, “Our church costs too much. They are always asking for money.”  “Sometime ago a little boy was born in our home,” replied her friend. “He cost me a lot of money from the very beginning; he had a big appetite, he needed clothes, medicine, toys, and even a puppy. Then he went to school, and that cost a lot more. Later he went away to college. Then he began dating, and that cost a small fortune! But in his senior year at college he died, and since the funeral he has not cost me a penny. Now which situation do you think I would rather have?” After a significant pause she continued, “As long as this church lives it will cost. When it dies for want of support, it will not cost us anything. A living church has the most vital message for all the world today, therefore I am going to give and pray with everything I have to keep our church alive.”

While we are not “always” asking for money, we do believe that a church that is alive and growing will continually have needs to be met, however, it is all to bring people into a closer relationship with God and each other.

We look forward to serving you.

In Christ’s Love,

Rev. John Doe

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