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Luke 17:1-19 tells of the wonderful story of Jesus healing 10 lepers.  While it's an amazing story of healing and the compassion of Christ to those whom society looked down upon, it's also a tragic reflection of ingratitude.  While the ten went their way to walk in perfect healing, only one out of the ten thought about turning back briefly to give thanks to Christ for the healing.

Many years ago, as the story is told, a devout king was disturbed by the ingratitude of his royal court. He prepared a large banquet for them. When the king and his royal guests were seated, by prearrangement, a beggar shuffled into the hall, sat down at the king’s table, and gorged himself with food. Without saying a word, he then left the room.

The guests were furious and asked permission to seize the tramp and tear him limb from limb for his ingratitude. The king replied, “That beggar has done only once to an earthly king what each of you does three times each day to God. You sit there at the table and eat until you are satisfied. Then you walk away without recognizing God, or expressing one word of thanks to Him.”

As we enter our time of worship today, may our hearts be filled with gratitude for all Christ has done for us!

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