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Church Letter Writing Tip 13

Each Church Letter Writing Tip builds off an acrostic based on the words “Church Letters”.  At the bottom of each tip is a free sample church letter which may be used within your own church communications.  This letter may not be posted on any competitive website.

Church Letter Writing Tip 13


Our thirteenth and final lesson in “13 Tips For Church Letter Writing Success” will build off the letter “S” in our Church
Letters acrostic.

So far, we have looked at the following:
C – Be Clear
H – Be Hopeful
U – Be Understanding
R – Be Responsive
C – Be Consistent
H – Be Helpful

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L – Be “Letter-Ready”
E – Be Evangelistic
T – Be Tactful
T – Be Timely
E – Be Energetic
R – Be Right

Today, we will take a look at:

S – Be Scriptural


In writing Church Letters it is always of great benefit to share a particular passage of scripture that may be applicable to their situation at the time. In a very difficult circumstance, you can share that “God works all things together for good…”, or “weeping may endure for the night, but joy comes in the morning”.

Simply be aware of the situation, and mindful of any scriptures that will provide hope or healing, and encouragement.

Take a few moments to listen for the prompting of the Holy Spirit as you determine what scripture to place in the letter. As Ministry leaders, we must STILL believe God speaks to our hearts today as we assist others in the journey to heaven.

Below is your thirteenth complimentary letter which you may modify and use in your own church communications.

Letter to Church – Raising Missions Awareness


Jesus said in: Mark 16:15 – “Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation.”

Those words spoken by the Lord are at the heart of our desire to share the Gospel with the world through our Missions giving here at First Christian Church. Sadly, the Great Commission has become for many people the “Great Omission”, as they have failed to realize the supreme importance Jesus placed on reaching the lost.

Remarkably, there are still many people around this world that have not yet heard the name of Jesus, and the freedom He offers through a life surrendered to Him. The Bible also tells us: Luke 19:10 -For the Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost.” We are compelled to seek out those who are lost, and impart to them the Gospel message…or the Good News!

We here at First Christian Church want to be sure we are doing our part, and while we have been actively involved in supporting Missions both here and abroad, we believe that we must increase in this vital area. We also believe that God will greatly bless a “missions-minded” church and in turn will supply for the needs as we partner with Him in reaching the Lost through our giving of “time, talent, and treasure”.

In the next few weeks and months, you will hear more about the importance of Missions, and we will also be offering special opportunities to become involved. While we all may not be able to “go” physically, we can “go” in some way, whether it be in the area of finances, letter writing, prayers, or other avenues of ministry.

For now, would you begin to prayerfully consider what God might be saying to you regarding Missions? Missions IS the heart of God, and He also asks that we pray to Him to send forth laborers. Matthew 9:38 – Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.” Did you know that when a Missionary stands in our pulpit to share his or her vision, they are an ANSWER to prayer?

Henry Martyn wrote the following: “The Spirit of Christ is the spirit of missions, and the nearer we get to him, the more intensely missionary we must become.”

Thank you for praying and believing with us here at First Christian Church.

In Christ,

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