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Church Letter Writing Tip 6

Each Church Letter Writing Tip builds off an acrostic based on the words “Church Letters”.  At the bottom of each tip is a free sample church letter which may be used within your own church communications.  This letter may not be posted on any competitive website.

Church Letter Writing Tip 6


Our sixth lesson in “13 Tips For Church Letter Writing Success” will build off the letter “H” in our Church Letters acrostic.

So far, we have looked at the following: C – Be Clear H – Be Hopeful U – Be Understanding R – Be Responsive C – Be Consistent

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Today, we will take a look at:

H – Be Helpful


Perhaps you know of community agencies or church ministries that are available to the person or family you are writing to.

If you have a “Young Marrieds” small group and you are writing to a young couple about a particular issue, then you may want to provide the contact information for the leader of that small group. Again, be sensitive to what their needs are and begin to think of ways you can provide help to them.

If you have a young family visit your church, then you will want to be sure they know of some of the programs and ministries available to minister to their needs. Insert a brochure about that ministry, and be sure to forward contact information on to relevant ministries who in turn could get in touch with the prospective family.

For the most part, when people visit a new church, it's not so much about what they can do for the church, but it's about what the church can do for them. No, that's not selfish… it's the reality and the “norm” when people are looking for a church for their family to attend. The serving and ministry will come later as they are assimilated into the church, and develop a sense of “ownership” for it's ministry. Instead of talking to their friends about “this” church, or “the” church, they will soon enough say “my” church, or “our” church”.

Our communication to them must be helpful, especially in the initial stages as they develop this familiarity and ownership.

Below is your sixth complimentary letter which you may modify and use in your own church communications.

(Sunday School Visitor Letter – Adult)



What a privilege it was to have you join us for Sunday School this past Sunday. We at First Christian Church think it's important for every member of the family to have the opportunity to study God's Word more thoroughly each week, which is why we strive to make a variety of study classes available for everyone no matter what their interests.

We sincerely hope that you found your visit to our Christian Educational program both rewarding and friendly, and invite you to join us again soon. It's always a pleasure for us to hear the insights of new students as they share their love of the Lord in our Sunday morning classes, and look forward to studying with you again.

Sunday morning study not enough? Then, why not try one of our weekly group studies designed to meet a variety of needs and interests? There are morning and evening small groups for both women and men; couples; singles; parents; seniors; teens; young adults; and more here at First Christian Church!

Please see the enclosed list for areas of interest, days and times, and be sure to call any of the contact names for more information.

In the meantime, should you find yourself of pastoral counsel, or just a new friend to talk with, please feel free to give our church office a call at 000-000-0000, and we'll be sure to find you the help you need. May the Lord bless you this week, and bring you back to visit us again soon.


Sunday School Superintendent

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