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Want to Make Your Pastor’s Day? (Great for Pastors Appreciation)


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Here are nine quick ways to show your appreciation throughout the entire year… not just Pastors Appreciation Day!

1.  Write a note telling the pastor how good a particular sermon was.

2.  Invite others to church.  Nothing says, “The pastor is doing a great job” louder than asking your friends and business acquaintances to visit.  Be sure to introduce them to the pastor after the service.

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3. Pray for your pastor and his family daily.  Take a few minutes to pray with your pastor whenever he is available during the week.  Stop by the church office early enough on Sunday morning to pray briefly before the service.  Or make arrangements to come to the pastor’s house and pray for his entire family.  Make your visit brief.

4. Remember birthdays and anniversaries of each member of your pastor’s family.  Find reasons to celebrate the anniversary of your pastor’s arrival at your church as well as other memorable milestones.  Occasionally include the entire church in the festivities by communicating with church leadership.

5.  Allow the pastor’s spouse the privilege of being just who she is.  Don’t place expectations on her that reflect former pastors’ spouses.  Love her, learn from her, seek her advice, help her grow, and assist her in any way you can.

6. Drop a note or humorous card in the mail to your pastor for no other reason than as a day-brightener.

7. Never say the seven deadly words, “We’ve always done it that way here.”

8. Find opportunities to tell people about your church and what you like about it.  It’s one of the greatest compliments a pastor can receive.

9. Let your pastor know when you have received a spiritual insight or breakthrough as a result of his teaching and preaching.