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Church Anniversary Special Offering – 135 Years

On behalf of the entire church board/council I am writing a letter to all members and adherents of “First Christian Church” to prayerfully consider the following request.

As you may already know, we as a church will soon be celebrating our 135th Anniversary as a church.  This is a tremendous milestone, and one that we can look back in thankfulness and appreciation to God who has led us over the years.  Of course, we weren't there when it all began, but we have been privileged to be placed as “trustees” for the church at this point, and we are believing that God will help us to continue being faithful to His call to service.


Invitation to Recognize Pastor & Wife Anniversary

It’s not very often that we ask members of the congregation to keep secrets from the pastor and his wife, but this is an exception to that rule.  We know the secret will be safe with you!

This month,  Pastor and Mrs.  Doe will celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary.    We thought it would be special if we, as a church family,  honored them by hosting a SURPRISE anniversary celebration.

The Bible says to give honor to whom honor is due (Rom 13:7), and we can all agree that our pastor and his family are worthy of honor for all the sacrifices that they have made so that our church can grow.