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Death of Soldier Son or Daughter

I write this letter on behalf of the entire congregation here at (Name of Church) to extend our sincerest expression of sympathy upon the death of your son/daughter as they served their Country in Military service.

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Loss of Military Son/Daughter

Dear Name,

I pray that this letter finds you in the comfort of the Lord in the wake of the loss of your son/daughter,  (Name)Your son/daughter served proudly and I want you to know that the strength and bravery of their efforts as a soldier and, more importantly, as a person will always be appreciated. We are thankful that the Lord brought them into our personal and professional lives for the short time that they were here and allowed them to touch us as we pray that we touched them.

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Loss of Military Son/Daughter (Non-Churched) •

Dear Name,

(Note: Some churches send out Sympathy notes to families after reading of the death of loved ones in the obituaries.  Letters such as this may be used thoughtfully and prayerfully).

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Encouragement Letter Serving In Military

I wanted to take a few moments to write you briefly and let you know that we miss you here at First Christian Church while you are away serving in the Military.

While we miss you, please know also that we support you greatly and are very proud of the way you are so willingly giving of yourself in defense of our great Nation.

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