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Want to Make Your Pastor’s Day? (Great for Pastors Appreciation)


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Here are nine quick ways to show your appreciation throughout the entire year… not just Pastors Appreciation Day!

1.  Write a note telling the pastor how good a particular sermon was.

2.  Invite others to church.  Nothing says, “The pastor is doing a great job” louder than asking your friends and business acquaintances to visit.  Be sure to introduce them to the pastor after the service.

3. Pray for your pastor and his family daily.  Take a few minutes to pray with your pastor whenever he is available during the week.  Stop by the church office early enough on Sunday morning to pray briefly before the service.  Or make arrangements to come to the pastor’s house and pray for his entire family.  Make your visit brief.


How Do You Honor a Faithful Pastor?

How do you honor a faithful pastor?

(full disclosure…I am a Lead Pastor of a wonderful local church which blesses me and my wife abundantly, so this will not be posted on our church sites.)


You can’t do anything greater for a Pastor’s vision than be one of those he or she can count on, rain or shine, to be there. Not just Sunday mornings when the crowd is there, but special events and occasions are where your attendance can make the difference!


Do you pray for your pastor and spouse daily and do they know that you do?
Are they on your prayer list, that GOD will endow them with wisdom, discernment and spiritual authority?


Put a smile on your face when you see him, and put a smile on his face by your encouraging words! He may not be the eloquent communicator that your favorite MEGA-TV-Star celebrity preacher is, but he may not have a creative team and research staff to assist him. He may preach more than once a week, and if he seemed especially weak this Sunday morning, there may be a reason. Your pastor may not have a huge support staff to send out to a crisis, so it was his presence that was needed with the drug-over-dosed deacon’s kid and her family at the hospital from 2am to 6am on Sunday. But you will never hear about that. That’s the kind of leader your Pastor is. He will be there for you in your crisis, too. And he will keep your secrets.


Most pastors would love a little extra just to take their kids for a hamburger now and then. That is because most pastors lead very small churches and do not make the salaries of the MEGA preachers. If you are blessed, pass it on. Honor to whom honor is due, that is Bible!

Pastor Myles Holmes
Lead Pastor – REVIVE
Collinsville, Illinois

Pastoral Care – More Than Just Help for the Hurting


Pastoral care is more than simply help for the hurting. It is much more a holistic way of applying the discipleship process. And, indeed, pastoral care is globally the pastoral method integrating diverse aspects of prayerful action through fellowship within the activities of the life of a church. The church, from an interactional viewpoint, might exist to serve the community, but the pastor exists to “to shepherd… to take on the role of guiding, watching over, and protecting the entire flock.”

The church, as a community espousing community for the healing of the individual and the whole, understands that fellowship will deliver more than just help for the hurting. It develops something richer. Similarly, the pastor starts from where people are at. But, like Christ, the pastor is not content to leave them there. The pastor wants to take a person on toward Christ, and to that actual destination – the acquisition of the Holy Spirit through transformation of soul.


Pastoral Visit Considerations

Pastoral Visit Considerations for Effective Visitation Outreach.

VISITING with people in their home or work environment, as a pastoral visit, is something I’ve been doing regularly for nearly twenty years. Every time we step into someone else’s environment we do so as guests with certain privileges, but also with certain responsibilities.

These following considerations are worthy of reflection for any of us who conduct a pastoral visit.

1. Pray before you arrive for the pastoral visit:

It’s good to ensure our hearts are prepared and our minds are attuned. On the way to a home or workplace I’ll try and envisage what the environment might look like, prepare myself for the greeting I’ll receive, and just generally psych myself into being myself. It’s important to be relaxed.

2. Call ahead if there’s any change to plan.

It’s no good arriving early or late or with extra visitors. Catching people unawares is not a good way to start or maintain a friendship. It’s never good to surprise people during a pastoral visit.