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Pastoral Visit Considerations

Pastoral Visit Considerations for Effective Visitation Outreach.

VISITING with people in their home or work environment, as a pastoral visit, is something I’ve been doing regularly for nearly twenty years. Every time we step into someone else’s environment we do so as guests with certain privileges, but also with certain responsibilities.

These following considerations are worthy of reflection for any of us who conduct a pastoral visit.

1. Pray before you arrive for the pastoral visit:

It’s good to ensure our hearts are prepared and our minds are attuned. On the way to a home or workplace I’ll try and envisage what the environment might look like, prepare myself for the greeting I’ll receive, and just generally psych myself into being myself. It’s important to be relaxed.

2. Call ahead if there’s any change to plan.

It’s no good arriving early or late or with extra visitors. Catching people unawares is not a good way to start or maintain a friendship. It’s never good to surprise people during a pastoral visit.

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