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New Year’s Letter – God is Still on the Throne

(Editor's Note: This letter is from 2021, directly following the Pandemic year of 2020.  It can still be easily modified to work for a different year because God is STILL on the throne!)

Warm Greetings!

As we embark upon a New Year, once again, we find that we are still dealing with this Pandemic in (COUNTRY). But, as you know, the entire world is going through much of the same.

I don't know about you, but perhaps there was a sense of hope last year at this time that as we turned the page on 2020, this would all be behind us within a few months. But that's not the case despite man's best efforts of masks, vaccines, and mandates!

While humanity can only do what we can in our strength, I want to remind you today that God is still on the Throne regardless of where we have been or where we are going!


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