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Pastor Appreciation Speech by Church Member 1

Pastor Appreciation Speech 1

This is a speech for Pastors Appreciation Day.  Of course, it is always recommended to modify this to your own situation, these words will apply to the vast majority of Pastors, and it would be a speech that would bring honor and dignity to your Pastor.  You may also modify it to use as a letter to him/her as well.

I would like to begin by saying that I consider it an honor to stand and speak today to recognize the contributions made over the years by (Pastor/Father/Reverend) [NAME].

If you consult the dictionary, you would see that a (Pastor/Priest) is often defined as an intermediary between the people and God. (Pastor/Father/Reverend) [NAME], we as a congregation at [NAME OF CHURCH] do not need a dictionary to tell us the meaning of your role, since you so wonderfully define the word with your life.

In addition to enjoying your sermons from the pulpit, we appreciate the sermon that you live out right before our eyes. Your example serves to inspire us to live our lives before our fellow man in a manner that would please God.


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