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Welcome to Church on Grandparents Day


Whether you are joining us today on-site or online, we certainly want to take a few moments to welcome everyone who is joining us today!

We have said it many times but will repeat it: “We live in challenging times”! At the beginning of 2020, many Grandparents found themselves on the other side of a door or window as you “visited” with your Grandchildren. Your arms ached either to hold your Grandchild or at least to give them a good hug!

But alas, we were told to be sure to maintain “social distancing” and hold back on those natural and God-given instincts.


Watchnight Service Welcome

On this final day of (YEAR), we have chosen to gather in Worship together as the family of God to honor Jesus Christ!

While many in the World choose to celebrate in far different ways, we want to express our appreciation to God for His leading and guidance this past year. We also want to express our dependence on Him as we move forward in the days, weeks, and months ahead! We need Jesus more than ever!


Church Welcome to First Sunday of New Year

Good morning!

We want to take this opportunity to welcome you to (NAME OF CHURCH) for our first service on the first Sunday in (YEAR)!

Whether you are watching online or you're with us here in person, we want you to know that you are highly valued and you are not alone!

While we have gone through some trying and difficult times as a Nation, and yes, even as the World, we can rest assured that God STILL has the whole World in His hands!

We have heard a lot lately about the 15th letter of the Greek Alphabet, which is “Omicron.” We have come today to honor Jesus Christ, our Lord, and Savior! He is the personification of the first and last letters of the Greek Alphabet as we read in Revelation 22:13 (NKJV) 13 I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, the First and the Last.”


Church Welcome – First Sunday of Year

On this first Sunday of (YEAR), we want to welcome you today to (Name of Church)!

Whether you are here in person or watching online, we pray that you will take the time to put aside the distractions of this past week, and even past year and get your focus on Jesus!

Psalm 122:1 says; I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the Lord.  Isn't it great to be in the house of the Lord today?

Most likely you are like the rest of us here who are absolutely thrilled to say “good-bye” to a year that presented challenges we've never seen before! I have no doubt there are many things you would like to forget, but hopefully there are many more things you want to remember.


Christmas Eve Welcome 2020 – Hope Theme

Welcome to Christmas Eve Service 2020!

A year ago, we gathered together for Christmas Eve 2019 and while we certainly had challenges in all our lives, none of us could have anticipated what the upcoming year would hold for us.

The year 2020 will soon be in our past, and for most of us, it can't come a moment too soon! This year has been months of difficulty on so many levels, for so many people.

You might be walking through what might seem to be a hopeless situation right now during this Christmas Season. If you continue to cast your gaze and focus upon Jesus, you will never be disappointed. Perhaps it will take years later to look back and appreciate the way God led you, but He has a way of bringing hope into every situation.